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Blood Ties

She jeopardized her world for him. He gave up his life for her, but is that enough for all they've lost?

Gabriella's love has transcended race, reason, and blood. Her only desire is to see Grayson safe, but destiny seems to have other plans. She is worried that his unnatural transition will pose danger, so she begins a hunt for answers.
Grayson's journey to immortality has come at a price. He is unsure whether it is really as dangerous as Gaby seems to believe and struggles to find the balance between his old life and the new world he's a stranger to.

Now a fallen angel has stepped in, and Gaby is drawn to him in a way that tests her relationship with Grayson. Will her willpower be enough to win against the fatal attraction? Or will she succumb and lose everything they have sacrificed so much to create?



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