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USA Today bestselling author D.C. Gambel's bookshelf is filled with romance. Whether it's paranormal or fantasy, she's got you covered. 

Mistletoe and Demons


Christmas isn’t always merry and bright.

Gaby is a simple day-walking vampire who just wants a nice Christmas. After years of dealing with the hubbub of a Manhattan holiday, she decides a trip out of town is just what her preternatural family needs. But a friend from her past appears with some not so jolly news. Santa isn’t the only one coming to town. A demon has set his sights on stealing one of her unique children.

Will Gaby save her children, or lose them forever to the clutches of the Christmas demon?

Deadly Revelations: The Horsemen Chronicles Book 3



Sometimes the only way to save the world is to let it burn. 

When you’re the Horseman of Death, life is never easy. With her soulmate missing, and the apocalypse looming, Evie can think of nothing except getting Cam back and stopping Nyx, the evil demoness who has taken him captive. But saving him could mean life ending as we know it. 

Cam wants two things. To return to Evie, and to stop Nyx, who intends to use Cam's powers to destroy the world. Trapped under a curse which bends him to her will, Cam must find the strength to save himself before Nyx can bring her vision to fruition.

With the fate of world in the balance, can Evie and her fellow horsemen stop the apocalypse and rescue Cam or will hell on earth become the new way of life?

DEADLY REVELATIONS, formerly Black Phoenix, is the final installment in The Horsemen Chronicles.

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Huntress and the Splintered Court


Is she a Beauty or the Beast?

Isabel knows her place in the world and falling for a werewolf was never a part of her plan, but the universe doesn’t care about her plan. With her mind and heart at war, she is more confused than ever over what her destiny truly is. 

As the alpha, Gideon isn’t use to hearing the word no, so falling for the smart mouthed huntress, who tests him at every turn, is more than he bargained for, and yet he’ll risk death itself to keep her. 

As a rebellion brews within the preternatural community, Isabel must decide. Take her rightful place in the Order to which she was born? Or stand at Gideon’s side to become the next Luna of the Thorn Court?

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Huntress and the Thorn Court


What happens at the Thorn Court stays at the Thorn Court 


Isabel is not your average princess. All she wants to do is keep peace among the preternatural community, but when she mistakenly kills an innocent werewolf, the cost of peace may be a steeper price than she’s willing to pay. 


Gideon is a beast of a man. As the pack alpha he has to be. When an opportunity  practically lands in his lap, he’s driven to seize it, even if it means taking Isabel, a princess of The Order, as his prisoner. 


When attraction blooms, Isabel has no choice but to resist the sexy alpha. If she doesn’t, her very future at the order could be in jeopardy. 

Curse of Christmas: A Collection of Paranormal Holiday Stories


Welcome to the most magical season of all, when hearts are happy...and sometimes devoured.


Join these New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors for winter holiday stories of vampires, shapeshifters, witches, and more!

Once Upon Another World: Twisted Fairy Tale Box Set



Not all fairytales are as they appear. 

Was it actually Red who hunted the wolf? What if the prince was the one in distress? Did the straw really get spun into gold? How well did those glass slippers truly fit? 

Where princesses do their own rescuing, princes aren’t who they first appear to be, and beasts are friends, not foe—and maybe something more… 

With stories spanning from true love’s kiss to reverse harem, skyscrapers to ancient castles, sweet romance to steamy nights, these alluring tales will satisfy readers of fantasy and romance alike.

Grab your copy of ONCE UPON ANOTHER WORLD and discover 22 twisted fairytales with a happily ever after unlike anything you’ve ever read before.

Death's Legacy: The Horsemen Chronicles Book 2



Can you prove your innocence when those closest to you think you’re capable anarchy?

With Nyx destroyed the world is safe from the Apocalypse. However, a Horsemen’s job is never done.


Embracing her role as Death, Evie sets out with her fellow Horsemen to maintain peace in the Supernatural world. Chaos ensues when bodies begin dropping all showing signs of her gift. Claiming innocence, Evie must fight to uncover how these deaths are occurring and why.


Cam doesn’t believe Evie is capable of these killings, regardless of the evidence. But with more and more people dying and signs she’s at the center of it, the other horsemen wonder if his feelings for her are blinding him to the truth.


An unlikely ally claims to know who is responsible. But could the motives of this mysterious stranger be more than Evie bargained for?

DEATH'S LEGACY, formerly published as Obsidian, is book two in the Horsemen Chronicles.

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The Prophecy: The Edge of Forever Book 4


Gabriella Carmichael never anticipated pregnancy so early in her relationship 

with her true love, Grayson Alexander. She learns sharing this news isn’t 

as joyous as it ought to be.


After Sebastian informs her that the child she carries is one from a long forgotten 

Prophecy, the men in her life do everything in their power to keep her 

and the impending bundle safe.


The powers of good and evil work against her in order to stop the child from being born. Little does she know that the safest of the baby comes at a steep price. 

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Death Awakens: The Horsemen Chronicles



Are the Horsemen destined to destroy the world, or save it?

Evie’s never been much for danger, but danger has a way of finding her. After two years of living as a shut-in, afraid of the slightest human contact, one random night she finds herself face-to-face with fate. 

Derek is the first person Evie’s ever met who can survive her touch, but he’s not the only one. His roommates are immune as well. Matching horse-head birthmarks reveal who they are and why they’ve been hunting for her. They are the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. 

To prevent the world’s end she has no choice but to put her fears aside and step into the destiny she was born to fulfill, to become the Horseman of Death and embrace the power she’s spent a lifetime hiding from. If she fails, she risks the final seal breaking and ending the world along with it.

DEATH AWAKENS, formerly published as Awakened, is the first book in the Horsemen Chronicles.

The Return: The Edge of Forever Book 3


With her world in shambles, Gabriella is lost. Her life turns into a lie in order

to give others hope that she herself is desperate to hang on to.


The path she’s on brings her closer to Sebastian whom she clings to in order to 

fell something other than the emptiness that threatens to consume her.


When she finally begins to come to terms with the new path she’s on, things take an unexpected twist when someone from her past returns and spins

her world upside down once more.

Blood Ties: The Edge of Forever Book 2


Gabriella's love for Grayson has transcended race, reason, and blood. With Anton dead, nothing stand in their way of being together, until they realize Grayson's transition was far from conventional.

Gabriella's hunt for answers leads her to someone she never thought she'd meet. Her father, The Original.

The meeting puts a strain on her and Grayson in the form of a fallen angel named Sebastian. Gabriella fights the drawl towards him, but will her willpower be enough to win against the fatal attraction?

Fate: The Edge of Forever Book 1



She’s willing to sacrifice everything for him. Will it be enough?


Gabriella Carmichael may be the world’s only day-walking vampire. With one foot in the world of man and the other in the supernatural realm, she never quite knows where she belongs. Her only desire is a life outside the vampire nest she calls home and away from the master whose sight is set on her. Then she meets Grayson, who awakens her humanity—and her heart—and nothing else matters to her. She’s willing to nurture their newfound love at all costs, including enraging Anton, the nest master.


Business comes easily to Grayson Alexander. His acumen makes him one of the richest and most influential men in New York. Love is a different matter. The elusive emotion always stops just beyond his grasp. When he runs head-on into Gaby, everything about her lures him in. He knows she’s harboring a secret, one he’s desperate to understand. He worries if she’s hiding things from him, their blossoming romance may not survive.


The further things go, the more torn Gaby becomes. Involvement between vampires and humans is strictly forbidden. Should their clandestine relationship be uncovered, it could cost Grayson his life.

The Edge of Forever
Clouded Innocence



Francesca de Bella's normally peaceful world is turned upside down when her stepbrother, Steven, returns home for a visit and brings with him a surprise guest. No one has ever affected Francesca the way Conner Edwards does. Not only is he incredibly handsome but there is something else that draws Francesca to him, but she knows her father would never approve of Conner. Conner has nothing to offer her but his heart. She soon learns that her doubts are not the only problems standing in her way when her father announces her impending engagement to Nicholas Jackson, the son of a prominent business partner. With the whirlwind of events pulling her in a multitude of direction, Francesca anchors herself to the only constant in her world, Conner.


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