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Deadly Revelations

Sometimes the only way to save the world is to let it burn. 

When you’re the Horseman of Death, life is never easy. With her soulmate missing, and the apocalypse looming, Evie can think of nothing except getting Cam back and stopping Nyx, the evil demoness who has taken him captive. But saving him could mean life ending as we know it. 

Cam wants two things. To return to Evie, and to stop Nyx, who intends to use Cam's powers to destroy the world. Trapped under a curse which bends him to her will, Cam must find the strength to save himself before Nyx can bring her vision to fruition.

With the fate of world in the balance, can Evie and her fellow horsemen stop the apocalypse and rescue Cam or will hell on earth become the new way of life?
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