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Death Awakens



See what the Horseman of Pestilence had to say about Author D.C. Gambel in his interview with

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Are the Horsemen destined to destroy the world, or save it?

Evie’s never been much for danger, but danger has a way of finding her. After two years of living as a shut-in, afraid of the slightest human contact, one random night she finds herself face-to-face with fate. 

Derek is the first person Evie’s ever met who can survive her touch, but he’s not the only one. His roommates are immune as well. Matching horse-head birthmarks reveal who they are and why they’ve been hunting for her. They are the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. 

To prevent the world’s end she has no choice but to put her fears aside and step into the destiny she was born to fulfill, to become the Horseman of Death and embrace the power she’s spent a lifetime hiding from. If she fails, she risks the final seal breaking and ending the world along with it.

DEATH AWAKENS, formerly published as Awakened, is the first book in the Horsemen Chronicles.


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