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Death's Legacy

Can you prove your innocence when those closest to you think you’re capable anarchy?


With Nyx destroyed the world is safe from the Apocalypse. However, a Horsemen’s job is never done.


Embracing her role as Death, Evie sets out with her fellow Horsemen to maintain peace in the Supernatural world. Chaos ensues when bodies begin dropping all showing signs of her gift. Claiming innocence, Evie must fight to uncover how these deaths are occurring and why.


Cam doesn’t believe Evie is capable of these killings, regardless of the evidence. But with more and more people dying and signs she’s at the center of it, the other horsemen wonder if his feelings for her are blinding him to the truth.


An unlikely ally claims to know who is responsible. But could the motives of this mysterious stranger be more than Evie bargained for?

DEATH'S LEGACY, formerly published as Obsidian, is book two in the Horsemen Chronicles.



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